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Tooth Extractions Can Restore Your Oral Health

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We Resolve Pain with Gentle Dental Extractions

If you incur dental trauma or have a severe toothache due to an untreated infection or disease, you may need a tooth extracted to preserve your smile. The decision to perform an extraction is typically straightforward when a tooth is impacted by significant decay, severe periodontal disease or a fracture. Impacted wisdom teeth nearly always need extraction due to limited space in the back of the mouth. In addition, a primary tooth may need to be extracted because it prevents a permanent tooth from properly erupting or a tooth is pulled in preparation for orthodontics. At Smile 360 Implant and Family Dentistry, we always try to save a natural tooth with conservative treatment. But when serious damage or an abscess threatens other teeth, your oral health and even your physical health, tooth extraction is usually the best option. Dr. Byars, our doctor, has extensive expertise performing gentle tooth extractions in Riverview, FL. With a local anesthetic and sedation if you need it, our team is dedicated to making extraction as comfortable as possible and get you on the path to restored health, without complications.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth (third molars) frequently become partially or completely impacted because the human mouth doesn’t have adequate space for 32 teeth. Even without any obvious damage, the angle and position of wisdom teeth makes them hard to clean and susceptible to bacteria buildup. This can lead to decay, pain, swelling, gum disease and cysts that can harm adjacent teeth and bone. Dr. Byars recommends wisdom tooth extraction in Riverview, FL if you’re experiencing pain and discomfort or there is potential for the tooth to damage adjacent teeth or your jawbone. If your case is more complex, Dr. Byars may refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

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Our Tooth Extraction Process

During your initial consultation with Dr. Byars, he’ll determine if a tooth extraction is required based on your oral exam, symptoms and diagnostic imaging. Rest assured, extractions in Riverview, FL are reserved for teeth that are unsalvageable due to infection, trauma, severe gum disease or other causes. When you arrive for your extraction, Dr. Byars numbs the gums with a local anesthetic and you’ll also receive sedation if needed. Dr. Byars is careful not to harm adjacent teeth or bone and gum tissue at the site. You’ll feel pressure as he grasps the tooth and firmly rock it back and forth in order to widen the socket for removal, but shouldn’t feel pain thanks to the numbing effect of the anesthetic. When a tooth is firmly anchored in its socket or the root is curved and the socket can’t expand enough to remove it, the tooth needs to be broken up and removed in sections. Healing after extraction usually takes a few days, although recovery after wisdom tooth removal typically takes longer.
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After Your Tooth Extraction

After tooth extraction, biting on gauze for 30–45 minutes can stop bleeding and help a blood clot form. After the blood clot forms, it’s important not to disturb or dislodge it. It’s also important to follow our postsurgical guidelines closely to ensure the healing process proceeds as it should without complications. This includes abstaining from rinsing vigorously, sucking on straws, smoking, drinking alcohol and brushing teeth near your extraction site for 72 hours. If the blood clot doesn’t form or gets dislodged, the bone and nerves below the socket become exposed. This results in a painful complication called dry socket. If you develop dry socket, call our office immediately for an emergency appointment. Treatment for dry socket involves cleaning the extraction site and placing a medicated pad inside the socket that must be changed daily until the site heals.
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Restore the Empty Space to Prevent Problems

Tooth extraction in Riverview, FL shouldn’t be the last stage of treatment because the nerves, tissue and bone in the empty socket can start deteriorating as quickly as six weeks after a tooth is extracted. We recommend replacing an extracted tooth with a bridge to prevent shifting of adjacent teeth and a misaligned bite. Or even better, a dental implant to prevent bone loss and fully restore your oral function. Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement and sole solution to fully replicate the function and aesthetics of natural teeth due to their similar structure—post (tooth root) and restoration (tooth crown). Once a dental implant fuses with the underlying bone and is crowned with a beautiful restoration, you’ll soon forget you had a tooth extracted!

Tooth Extraction Stops Pain and Enables Smile Restoration.

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