Sedation Dentistry in Riverview, FL

Does visiting a dentist make you nervous or anxious? At Smile 360 Implant and Family Dentistry, we understand and are here to do everything we can to remove anxiety, discomfort, and stress from your dental care experience. We never want dental anxiety to prevent our patients from getting the care their smile deserves. We use modern dental anesthetics and safe solutions to provide top sedation dentistry services in Riverview, FL and beyond

Our skilled dentist, Dr. Matthew Byars, will take time to discuss dental anesthesia before your procedure and determine the best sedation dentistry option for your needs and treatment plan. At Smile 360, we have a certified registered nurse anesthetist on-site to administer safe, gentle IV sedation right here at our Riverview dental office. We also offer oral conscious and laughing gas sedation to help you experience comfortable, nearly painless dentistry while lessening or eliminating dental anxiety.

Our IV Sedation Process

waiting room at Smile 360We offer IV sedation dentistry, allowing our patients to undergo dental treatments in a state of semi-consciousness, helping to make even the most complex treatments more comfortable. To deliver this type of dental anesthesia, our anesthetist will administer the sedative through an IV in the hand or arm. Typically, IV sedation starts working quickly and you’ll feel minimal to no pain during treatment; instead the sedation will promote a feeling of relaxation throughout your visit.

At Smile 360, IV sedation is always closely monitored and can be easily adjusted for each patient's optimal comfort and safety. Because IV sedation induces short-term amnesia, many patients who receive it forget parts of their visit, or even the entirety of their treatment.

What are the Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry?

  • A deeper level of sedation than nitrous oxide and oral sedation
  • Alleviates moderate to severe anxiety
  • Sedation that takes effect within a few seconds
  • Faster recovery compared to oral conscious sedation
  • Provides ability to precisely control level of sedation
  • Induces a state of amnesia, so you won’t remember procedure

At Smile 360, we also offer the following mild to moderate sedation dentistry solutions:

Oral Conscious Sedation

For patients who experience mild to moderate dental anxiety, we often recommend oral conscious sedation. Dr. Byars will prescribe a pill to be taken about an hour before your dental procedure. With this type of sedation, patients will remain awake and able to communicate with their dentist, but will feel drowsy and relaxed.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas Sedation)

front desk at Smile 360A common form of light sedation, laughing gas sedation is the most mild type of dental anesthesia, known to be safe and effective for a variety of patients, even children. The odorless, colorless gas is mixed with oxygen inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose to promote a feeling of relaxation. Unlike IV sedation and oral conscious sedation, this type of sedation doesn’t produce any lingering side effects, so you can drive yourself home from your appointment.

Release Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

If you’re looking for sedation anesthesia near you, you’ll enjoy a more soothing dental experience than you ever thought was possible at Smile 360 Implant and Family Dentistry. You and your smile will benefit from gentle care delivered by our skilled and compassionate team, spa-like atmosphere and a wide range of sedation options!

To learn more about what gentle sedation dentistry can do for you, contact us today

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